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Passionate Educators

We are a group of educators, entrepreneurs, and parents with the passion and drive to create effective in-home learning experiences. Learn more about each of our incredible team members below.

Day School Teacher

Morgan James

Director of Pod Formation

In addition to their responsibilities as our Director of Pod Formation, Morgan James is a full-time parent. This dual expertise drives them in helping other parents overcome the struggles of educating their children.

Music Teacher

Reese Whiteman

Marketing Manager

Reese Whiteman joined Passionate Homeschooler in pursuit of her passion for education. They love being able to help students succeed in their academics and provide parents with peace of mind about their children’s education.

Young Teacher

Jamie Lane

Head of Teaching

Jamie Lane is a parent of school aged children and personally relates to the struggles parents are going through in these uncertain times. With a background in the education sector, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

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